Covid 19 Policies and schedule

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended many parts of our daily lives, and this certainly applies to church. Fellowship strives to maintain the best possible safety protocols and practices to keep all of our people safe and to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Our decisions are not rooted in politics or personalities, but rather in what seems to be the best way forward based upon science and experience. We eagerly look forward to the time when we may gather without apprehension, see each other face to face, and engage in meaningful discussion with one another without digital intervention or spatial concerns.

Until then, here are our protocols and abbreviated schedule.

Schedule (Note: This may change with little warning – Sign up for newsletters via email to stay abreast of any changes)

• Worship service is at the regular time of 10:45, but we are striving to keep the worship abbreviated to forty-five minutes. All worship services will be available for viewing online at and YouTube by the following Monday.

• Children’s Church for those potty trained to third grade is happening in the larger adult classrooms during the ‘sermon’ time of the worship service.

• Adult Small groups are meeting on-line at 9AM on Sunday mornings. When the weather allows, some small groups may meet outside. Contact the church office for Zoom links if interested.

• Youth group (Wednesdays at 7PM), Men’s Bible Study (Tuesday 8AM), Women’s Bible Study (Wednesdays at 10AM, Thursdays at 9AM) are a hybrid of limited in-person attendance and Zoom. Contact the church office for more info or Zoom link.

• Stitch Sisters meets Wednesdays at 2PM.

• midWeek is cancelled until further notice.

• Children’s Sunday School is cancelled until further notice.

Protocols (Note: This may change as more information about COVID-19 is learned and the science improves)

• Masks or face coverings are required to participate in any activity within Fellowship’s building, including worship, singing, meeting, or working.

• People speaking from the platform or leading a class may take their mask off while speaking, but otherwise should wear it.

• Seating in the sanctuary will be limited to sixty percent capacity, and Fellowship Hall will be used as an overflower room.

• People coming together in the same car or as a family may sit together. All others should keep at least two seats distance from others.

• The office is available by appointment only, and temperatures will be checked before anyone meets with personnel.

• Church staff will wear masks when away from their desks, and in their own workspace if other people enter.

• Staff will check temperature when coming to work every day and record it on the display chart.

• People should keep six feet distance form one another.

• Aside from worship, all meetings must be fewer than ten people and must meet in the sanctuary.

• If anyone is sick or has symptoms, they must remain home and not come to Fellowship either for worship or work.

If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to call the church office.

Thank you!