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Sept 21 - 25

Monday—Read: Micah 6:8 Think: Humility begins with an awareness of our place before God. In this famous Old Testament verse about ethics, humility before God is closing linked with justice and mercy. How is that so? Pray: Make a three-part prayer around justice, mercy, and humility.

Tuesday—Read:  Proverbs 16:18 Think: The beauty of this verse is it doesn’t say God destroys the proud, but pride in itself sets the table for self-destruction. What are you most proud of? How might this be your undoing? Pray: Honestly ask the Lord to help you work through your own pride.

Wednesday—Read:  James 4:6-17 Think: Our longest body of scripture for the week begins with a quotation from Proverbs –a quotation that Peter also cites. The entire section teaches a very specific lesson. What is it? Pray: Turn verse 10 into a prayer – verbally, and perhaps physically, humbling yourself before God.

Thursday—Read: Philippians 2:5-11 Think: These lines are some of Paul’s most soaring verbiage. Jesus saved us, and he will be exalted, but first, he adopted humility for himself. How can you model this kind of humility in your life? How is humility linked to service? Pray: Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the parts of your life and attitude where you are not thinking as Jesus thinks.  

Friday–Read:  Romans 12:3-5 Think: Humility is a vital component of participating in a healthy community. Here, Paul encourages humility in the context of church life. What happens when humility is absent at church? Pray: Specifically pray for the Lord to open your eyes to places where humility is absent in your relationship with church, churches, and church people.

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