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August 1-5

So much of Jeremiah’s ministry involved symbols and symbolic acts. We’ve not had time to cover all of them, but taken together they point to the dynamic ways the Lord spoke through his prophets. The act of buying a piece of property in the midst of a siege is symbolic but also meaningful – money was exchanged and titles changed hands. Keep that in mind as we reflect this week.

Monday—Read: Jeremiah 32:1-5 Think: Why was Jeremiah in prison? If you listen closely, you can perhaps understand Zedekiah’s rationale for the jailing of Jeremiah. In fact, it might have been worse. What usually happens to people accused of treason? Pray: For the courage to speak truth to power even if it is an unwelcomed truth.  

Tuesday—Read: Jeremiah 32:6-8 Think: Make a list of reasons why you think Hanamel might have wanted to sell his property? Pray: For someone you know who has had to sell things they didn’t want to sell in order to make it through a crisis.

Wednesday—Read: Jeremiah 32:9-11 Think: How much did he pay for the land? Why do you think Jeremiah took great pains to make certain it was legal? Pray: If you own land, pray for its good use and blessing. If not, pray for those who are seeking a piece of land to make a home.

Thursday—Read: Jeremiah 32:12-14 Think: Baruch is acting as the executor because Jeremiah is in prison. How do you think he felt about this responsibility? Pray: For someone like Baruch – and it may be you – who has been given the responsibility to carry out someone else’s legal affairs.

Friday–Read: Jeremiah 32:15 Think: What does verse 15 mean? What does it mean to you right now? What could it mean to anyone going through a crisis? Pray: For the houses, fields, vineyards – apartments, workplaces, agriculture – that are important in your life. 

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