Daily. bible. reading.

September 16 - 20

Monday - Read: John 5:1-17 Think: The religious leaders never claim the man wasn’t healed, but that it was done on a religiously prohibited day. What point was Jesus trying to make on the Sabbath? Pray: Turn the phrase ‘take up you bed and walk’ into your prayer today.

Tuesday - Read: John 5:18 Think: What two sins did they think Jesus was committing? Pray: For the Lord to help you not to judge someone else’s spiritual decisions.

Wednesday - Read: John 5:19-29 Think: Focus on verse 25. Do you think this is about people who are literally dead, or do you think this might be metaphors for those who are spiritually dead? Pray: Listen in silence for the voice of God.

Thursday - Read: John 5:30-38 Think: Who sent Jesus? Does that matter? Pray: Ask the Lord to reveal his will in your life regarding the most pressing issue you have.

Friday - Read: John 5:39-47 Think: Why do you think Jesus drags Moses into this discussion about his own authority? Pray: List at least five things you believe’ about Jesus to the Lord then turn these into praise and adoration.

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