Daily. bible. reading.

Feb 22-26

Monday—Read: Mark 13:14 Think: This is a fascinating verse which has one of the few ‘asides’ as Mark interrupts Jesus’ homily to tell the reader to take special attention. What are people supposed to do when they see this abomination? Why? Pray: For people who are fleeing persecution right now.

Tuesday—Read: Mark 13:15-18 Think: The ‘winter’ phraseology is telling. It means Jesus certainly doesn’t know what season of the year it will happen in, but he does know it will be so horrible, that winter will make it worse. Why would it be especially dangerous for women to be pregnant during such times? Pray: For those for whom winter is especially difficult, and for pregnant women.   

Wednesday— Read: Mark 13:19 Think: What do you think of when you hear Jesus talk about ‘tribulation’? Pray: Speak to the Lord about the trials and tribulations you have faced in your life.

Thursday—Read: Mark 13:20 Think: Why do you think the Lord will spare the elect, and how exactly will he spare them? Who are the elect? Pray: Pray for other Christ-followers whom you know are going through a hard time right now.

Friday–Read: Mark 13:21-23 Think: The word Christ means messiah, or deliverer. Why would Jesus tell us to not believe it when folks try to convince us that a ‘deliverer’ has been found? What does it signify that false messiahs are able to do supernatural signs and wonders? Pray: For someone you know who is currently being deceived by a ‘false’ messiah figure.

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