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Nov 30-Dec 4

Monday—Read: Psalm 72:1-4 Think: The Psalmist connects justice, righteousness, and prosperity as key words in these opening lines. To which group of people, or individuals, are they associated with? Pray: For the ‘children of the needy’ to be defended by the powerful rather than exploited.

Tuesday—Read: Psalm 72:5-7 Think: How are righteousness and peace connected? Can you have one without the other? Pray: Think of a situation that is in desperate need of both righteousness and peace and then bring it before the Lord.

Wednesday—Read:  Psalm 72:8-14 Think: The king is worthy of praise and loyalty from all nations because he has pity. How important is pity, or compassion, in our relationship with other people? Pray: Ask the Lord to help you have compassion, and be honest about specific people you have little compassion for.

Thursday—Read: Psalm 72:15-17 Think: The theme of prosperity returns with the idea of gold from trade and tribute and abundant crops filling the land. What does complete prosperity look like to you? What images would you use to convey it? Pray: For prosperity in your own personal life as well as for our community and our nation.

Friday–Read: Psalm 72:18-20 Think: The prayer starts with God (v. 1) and ends with God (v. 18) while everything in between has been is focused on what the psalmist is asking God to do for the king. What would you ask the Lord to do for you? For your family? For your leadership? Pray: Pray back verses 18-19 to the Lord. 


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