april 14-21

Palm Sunday (April 14)

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday. We wave the palm branches at the beginning of the worship service, recognize first graders with a Bible presentation, and finish with Holy Communion.

midWeek (April 17)

Cancelled for Easter preparation.

Good Friday (April 19) 

A deeply personal interactive experience of worship and reflection. This come and go event is available from 7PM to 8:30PM in the worship center.

Easter Sunday (April 21):

Easter is the highlight of the Christian year. We celebrate Resurrection Day all morning long.

7AM—We start with worship outside under the three crosses as the sun comes from the east. Bring appropriate outdoor wear.

8:30AM-9:40AM—Breakfast is served! This potluck style breakfast always lives up to the hype of Fellowship’s reputation as having the best cooks in the Hill Country. Our breakfast is the perfect way to end your Lenten fast.

9:15AM and 9:30AM—Easter Egg hunt! The first hunt is for preschoolers, and the eggs are a little easier to find. The second hunt is for the older children, and it is more of a challenge. It’s always a fun time to gather round and watch the youngsters seek and find.

10AM—Worship Service. NOTE THE TIME. This service begins earlier than every other Sunday of the year with a special start time. If you come at the regular time, you will be late.