Potluck Meal: The potluck meal is shared by everyone, and each week has a theme. Church provides, tea, coffee, and water but everything else is potluck. There will be a new theme to each week’s meal.

Bible Study: Jamie will lead this study at first, but other teachers will be utilized in the future. It is designed to be more vigorous than other studies.

Mom’s Group: The same ministry that has met on Wednesday nights in the past.

Youth and Children Games/Play: Our vision is for people to serve in these ministries, particularly for the youth games so that Darrell can lead with the choir.

Choir: Anyone interested in the worship ministry of singing should come to the choir rehearsals, regardless of their skill level.

Clean-Up Crew: Some people will come later than 5:30 and want to eat before joining a study or ministry late. The clean-up crew keeps the kitchen open until 6:30, when they start to clean up.

Prayer Time: A time of prayer and reflection for the people of God.