Worship & Music

Here at Fellowship we are an inter-generational church and this is reflected in our worship. We do not try to label or pigeonhole ourselves as “traditional” or “contemporary” in our worship style. Our weekly worship services are built around Jamie’s sermon text and theme as well as where we feel God’s spirit is leading us. Therefore, on any given Sunday we may sing a hymn that was written 200 years ago or a song that was written 5 years ago. Our desire isn’t to “wow” or impress, but rather invite gatherers to worship in Spirit and Truth.

We have a sanctuary choir that is filled with volunteers who love to sing. Our choir rehearses from 6:00 to 6:30 on Wednesday as part of midWeek. We also schedule extra rehearsals in late Fall to prepare an annual Christmas music service. We welcome people who are gifted musically and artistically and would love to include singers, poets, musicians and artists of all kinds in our worship. 

If you would like more information about our worship ministry or would like to get connected and share your gift, please feel free to come visit or contact us via email