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June 5 - 9

Unlike the other two stories in Matthew 25, the second story about the money given to workers is also found in Luke and briefly in Mark. What should interest us as people working with the scriptures is that Matthew chose to include this story sandwiched between the other two. That tells us something.

Monday—Read: Matthew 25:14-18 Think: The set-up is easy enough to grasp. Being honest with yourself, which of the three workers do you most resemble? Pray: Today is the first full day of pre-teen camp, so please pray for the campers at Highland Lakes.

Tuesday—Read: Matthew 25:19 Think: If these stories are about the judgment at the second coming of Christ, then what might be meant by ‘settled accounts.’ Pray: Talk to the Lord about whether you are prepared for him to come.

Wednesday—Read: Matthew 25:20-23 Think: Each of these two doubled the investment made by the investor. What would that look like in spiritual parameters? Pray: Ask the Lord to show you the talent(s) he has given you and ask him to help you ‘double’ them.

Thursday—Read: Matthew 25:24-28 Think: The investor comes down very, very hard on the one who did not increase the talent. Why? What is the message for you and I? The Church? Pray: Ask God to help you find ‘buried talents’ and get busy ‘investing’ them.

Friday–Read: Matthew 25:29-30 Think: How do you understand the enigmatic idea of verse 29 – that those who have will get more and those who have not will have what little they have stripped? Surely this isn’t about economics, so, then, what is it about? Pray: Open up the email from this week marked Prayer and Praises and pray through the prayer list.