September 25 - 29

Sunday (Oct. 1) we begin our extensive fall series from Matthew 6. This chapter is the middle section of the Sermon on the Mount, and it is mostly about the classic spiritual disciplines. We begin with giving.

Monday—Read: Matthew 6:1-34 Think: So much of this chapter is devoted to that which is unseeable, secret, or hidden – secret giving, secret prayers, and secret treasures. Why do you think Jesus might have focused so much on the unseen? Pray: For the Lord to help you see which public parts of your life might need to be a little more private.

Tuesday—Read: Matthew 6:1 Think: Having read the whole chapter yesterday, today we focus on the topic for this week. What do you think might be a sign you are ‘practicing your righteousness before other people?’ Pray: Talk to the Lord about what ‘reward’ you’d like from him.

Wednesday—Read: Matthew 6:2 Think: Jesus tells us to give to the needy. Who are they? How can you find them? What should you give? Pray: For the needy.

Thursday—Read: Matthew 6:3 Think: Is what Jesus asks of us in verse 3 even possible? What is he teaching us to do? Pray: For every person in need or institution or cause you have given to in the past year.

Friday–Read: Matthew 6:4 Think: Is your giving in secret? What steps could you take to make it even more so? Pray: Open the email from this week marked Prayer and Praises and pray through the prayer list.