Dr. Jamie Greening

When Kim and I came to Central Texas in 2013, our plan was for me to write more books and play in the water. The Lord had other plans, and before I knew it I was pastoring again. Here are some key dates and events:

1971—I was born in Longview, Texas and grew up in Hughes Springs, Texas.

1993—Kim and I married. 

1994—Graduated UT with a history degree, started seminary in Fort Worth, and, oh yeah, my first daughter, Belle, was born. That was a very busy year! 

1996—Began vocational ministry in Bosque County as a youth director. I could never remember to put gas in the van! 

1997—Graduated from seminary. 

1999—Relocated to Washington State to pastor a church, and my second daughter, Phoebe, was born in Tacoma.  

2006—Earned my Doctor of Ministry from Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama. 

2010—Published my first book, The Haunting of Pastor Butch Gregory. 

2013—Relocated to Texas Hill Country. 

2016—Was called by Fellowship as her lead pastor. 

I believe life is a gift and church is a blessing. Relationship trumps rules. Grace overrides law. Joy is the proper response of people in a loving community. We laugh together, we cry together, we learn together, and in the process we are all changed.

Aside from writing, my primary interests are baking biscuits, reading, and hanging out with my family. You can friend me on Facebook, following me on Twitter, or read the Pastor Greenbean blog at www.jamiegreening.com.