July 15-19

This week we turn our attention to Daniel 3. This narrative is familiar to many of us who grew up attending Sunday School. As you read through this chapter this week, ask God to help you see these events with a new lens.

MondayRead: Daniel 3:1-3 Think: Nebuchadnezzar draws a line in the sand when he builds a golden statue and demands for it to be worshiped. Was the demand about the statue or control? Pray: Talk to the Lord about the ‘golden statues’ that you may be tempted to worship.

TuesdayRead: Daniel 3:4-12 Think: King Nebuchadnezzar was very specific that all people would worship the idol. What was the purpose of demanding all the people to worship the idol? Would it have been hard to resist? Pray: For the people who influence you and for the people that you influence. Pray that your words are uplifting and encouraging.

WednesdayRead: Daniel 3:13-18 Think: The three friends had a choice to make. They were either going to follow the way of God or culture. How did they respond to the ultimatum? When did they make that decision? Pray: Pray for someone you know facing a difficult decision. Ask God to bring clarity to the situation.

ThursdayRead: Daniel 3:19-23 Think: Nebuchadnezzar’s anger not only affected Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego but also the men following the orders. If you’ve been out in traffic or on social media lately you may have noticed that we live in an angry world. Do Christ Followers have a responsibility to respond to the anger they encounter? Pray: Ask the Lord to show you the anger that you have harbored and give you courage to find peace.

FridayRead: Daniel 3:24-30 Think: Two big miracles were witnessed here by the idol worshipers. The lives of the three God-fearing men were spared and another figure was seen in the fire. What impact do you think witnessing these miracles had on the non-believers? Pray: Open the email from this week marked Prayer and Praises and pray through the prayer list.