Why fellowship?


“Feels like home,” is one of those phrases so overused it has almost lost meaning. However, it is the exact phrase many people who come to Fellowship use when they describe how they feel about our church or why they became a member. We think part of that comes from our philosophy of ministry, part of it comes from our commitment to individuals, and another part of it comes from the spiritual heritage of the congregation. In 2005 a group of people, for various reasons, did not feel as if they had a spiritual home. So, they created one and thus Fellowship was born.

As we share life together in faith, our goal is to grow in our relationship to Jesus, grant people the ‘space’ to encounter the Holy Spirit in their own personal journey, and to model the love of the Father in all our relationships, both inside our congregation and with our community and the world.

As we’ve grown, certain core values have emerged.

• An emphasis on relationship

• The desire to be flexible

• An intention to be inter-generational

• A commitment to service

Of course, we often fail in our endeavors, but this brings us back to where we started—creating a home—becoming the home we’re looking for—home as the place where we can seek, celebrate, fail and try again, and learn. This is our hope and prayer for Fellowship Church.