Update from Pastor Jamie

A Note From Pastor Jamie...

We’ve been back in the building for two Sundays, and we’ve learned what is not working. Sheets of paper in the chairs are not working, and neither is zig-zagging in a stagger the seating options. The main reason this isn’t working is more people are coming to worship than we thought would.

Our solution is to add more seats in unconventional places, and to ‘skip every other row’ instead of ‘zig-zagging’.  We’re also eliminating the “this seat unavailable” reminders and using other visual clues.

If anyone really feels too crowded, Fellowship Hall has a closed feed from the sanctuary and serves as an overflow room. Each service is also available online the following Monday morning.

Please be patient with us. We are working to accommodate as best we can. If you have any questions, ask Joni as she will tell you not to worry about it. 


Worship in the Building

Sunday  November 1, 2020, 10:45A.M.

If you are unable to join us in person, a recording of the service

will be available online by Monday morning:

CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube
and/or our website -  

Click on Newsletter for past issues. Have a Blessed Day!

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