Sunday Morning

Adult Bible Study

We believe small group Bible study is essential to spiritual growth. Small groups facilitate relationship building and open Bibles lead us in the ways of God. Relationships and Bible study are our central strategy for discipleship.  

We have four adult classes, and ministry for your children as well.

• Youth Ministry

• Children’s Classes

• Nursery

All classes meet at 9:30

  • Seeker Class

    The Seeker class uses an open-ended discussion format to work through biblical passages. The goal of this class is to find practical application of the material to everyday life. Meets in Fellowship Hall. Leaders: Barbara Agnew, Dan Copeland, Howard Holland, Melanie Holland, Gary McKnight, Winston Depew

  • 9:33 Class

    This is our newest group. They got the name because they never start on time. The key motif of this group is honest discussion, participation, and sharing. This is the only small group that has recliners in the room, meeting in the side room to the left of the sanctuary. Leaders: John and Kelly Trapane, Greg Grim, Jamie Greening

  • Grace Class

    The Grace Class is the founding group of Fellowship. Over a decade ago this ‘class’ began to meet to study the Bible together, and eventually grew to the point where the church was launched. This heritage class features a dynamic lecture style, warm fellowship, and outstanding care. Meets in the education wing, first door on the right. Leaders: Don Barber, Jerry Davis, Greg Morris, Theresa Morris, Paul White

  • Maranatha Class

    This is the class where every sentence, every word, and every thought of the biblical material is evaluated, discussed, and applied. The Maranatha class uses a discussion format to emphasize themes such as prophecy and God’s sovereignty. It is a lively group where everyone is welcome and all are invited to add to the theological discourse. Meets in education wing, second door on the left. Leaders: Wayne Putman, Wes Wilson