In 2020 we peached a ten sermon series in the summer about Elijah that were online because of the pandemic. This year we are bringing four of those back to start off 2023 because so much has changed since then, and honestly, so much was going on during that time period that few, if anyone, probably connected with the very important material from Hebrew history.

Beginning January 8 we will study the moments “When”: When the ravens fed him, When the fire fell, when God whispered, When the chariot took him. Join us live Sunday’s at 10:45 in our sanctuary or online at our website or YouTube. 


We worship each Sunday at 10:45 AM. Having only one worship service is an intentional, philosophical choice because we value inter-generational community. Our services are centered on the Bible, represent a blended approach to music, and seek to be both celebratory and reflective. Nursery care is available for ages 4 months to 3 years and Children's Church is an option for ages 4 years to 2nd grade.